The annual Spring Stroll features........

The Spring Stroll will be featuring it's inaugural Juried Art Walk in collaboration with Artworks Trenton.  In addition we will be showcasing 100% quality handmade local crafters and artisans, have a wine and charcuterie garden, entertainment in the forms of music, dancing, clowns, a petting zoo, unicorn rides, food trucks, and much more!   Join us in the fun and to start off the Spring season. 



The artists will be present to meet with the public. This is a great opportunity for art aficionados to interact with artists and discuss the creative process and technical execution of showcased pieces. There will be cash prizes for Best in Show ($250) and Honorable Mention ($150), which will be awarded by the ABCA as selected by the jury. The People’s Choice award will be a fun way to engage guests and provide a town-wide gift certificate to the winner. An Honorable Mention will be awarded to a sold piece.

About the Jurors: Juror: Fine Art Photographer, C.a. Shofed Born in Fort Dix, NJ, Shofed studied Graphic Arts at Assunpink Vocational School, moving into Advertising Design in college, where he was first exposed to photography. Although he spent 25 years as an IT professional, Shofed maintained an interest in photography, always carrying his camera with him, taking photographs whenever the opportunity presented itself or a particular scene or object inspired him. Soon after moving to Trenton, NJ, Shofed was inspired by the city's vibrant, raw art scene to make a career shift to fine art photography. In 2012, Shofed had his first solo exhibit, which cemented his commitment to growing his artistic voice and pushing the boundaries of his camera and photography as an artistic medium. Shofed's images are often described as "industrial meets nature." He enjoys finding beauty in things that are not naturally considered beautiful. He is adept at capturing the splendor of reflection and is currently exploring the world of abstract photography through independent and collaborative projects. Recently Shofed stepped into the role of Managing Director at Artworks Trenton, an organization he has been passionately involved with since 2007. Shofed's art has been exhibited and sold in galleries and museums across the globe, including Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, London, Glasgow, and many places within the continental United States and Europe. Social Media- Facebook: C.a. Shofed; Instagram: @shofedart; LinkedIn: C.a. Shofed Twitter: @shofedart; Website: Juror: Photo Artist, beth E jarvie Jarvie is a photo artist from Hamilton Square, New Jersey, who grew up surrounded by art in a family of talented artists. Her grandfather and father were oil painters, and both her brothers are accomplished watercolorists and illustrators. After taking her first photography class as a senior in high school, Jarvie commandeered her father's Minolta SRT-201 camera and carried it with her everywhere for many years. She went on to study photography and fine art in college, but it wasn't until 2017 that she would have the first public exhibition of her work. Since then, she has shown and sold her work throughout the Trenton, Princeton, and Hopewell areas and at a gallery in Portland, Oregon. Jarvie retired her father's Minolta a few years ago, and her current work is captured exclusively on her smartphone while she goes about her everyday life, with little to no post-production manipulation. Her photos invite viewers to pause, disconnect from technology, and appreciate nature, humanity, architecture, and each other. She elevates images often overlooked or unappreciated, exposing the art surrounding us daily. She strives to cultivate moments of happiness, inspiration, or reflection. Jarvie crafts custom frames, often built from discarded items or repurposed materials, for her work. As well as being an artist, Jarvie works at Princeton University as a writer and content creator in the School of Engineering and has a doula practice that provides non-medical emotional and physical support to women and their partners during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. Social Media- Instagram: @bethejarvie.photoart; Website: